However, I’m very happy with the way the dishwasher turned out, and I’m more likely to try things like this in the future. I’ve disconnected the drain hose assembly from the air gap and confirmed that the drain hoses are not clogged by starting a short rinse and then hitting “cancel/drain” to allow the water drain into a bucket. My Elite is under warranty and one tech wanted me to pay for the service call because there were foreign items in the strainer. Bless you! Hmm. The only difference seemed to be that the tube to the top sprayer was held in place by two screws. We were having issues with our dishwasher, not cleaning…first top rack, then recently bottom rack as well. The bottom rack works fine. Also you have to hold the spring back and let go when in place. $8.00 shipping. Your’e the best. I tried about 20 times, but was unable to seat it properly. Thanks a ton for the great video and information. Or how about both? As a result, the dishwasher was re-circulating the dirty water… thus leaving particles all over the dishes. Tx. My valve had a piece of glass lodged in front of the outlet which was preventing the soiled water from escaping. I have seen some powdered detergents clock up the chopper. If your model is the same as in the video, there is only 1 screw on that cover. You guys are awsome!!!! I decided to fix the dishwasher using your video instructions because they were so straightforward. First, if you have a wet-dry shop vac it’s the best way to remove the standing water so you can see what you are working with. We don’t ask anything. I would read down through the comments here and see if you can determine how your assembly may open. We’d tried for over an hour to get it to fit into the back slots…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Its just not draining out the dirty water, yet drains fine at the end of the cycle. We love hearing stories like this. After doing a full scale cleaning I have no started my dishwasher and it sounds like and looks like it is running normally and is cleaning the dishes. I twisted the tube from side to side to locate the center of the clips. Any ideas on how to take it apart? If I can help you in any way please let me know. SKU: 1644 Condition: Refurbished Rating: ( 2 product reviews ) : Quantity: Product Description. You just pull it out of its slot to inspect. Polly, OH MY GOSH!!!! Interesting question. Thank you so much for the teaching video! Outstanding!!! Gently lift up on the body of the spray arm while rotating it counter-clockwise about 90 degrees. If that doesn’t work try a product called CLR, it may get that clean. Thankfully I didn’t burn out the wash motor. I have a one-year-old Kenmore Elite that is now leaving clearly too much water after its wash cycle. Also, newer detergents don’t work well because our government has limted the use of Phosphates. Thanks again. I had glass, food & wood pieces blocking the filters and drains. Our new video will be posted on this site very soon (within about 1 week). There is a lot of play in the sprayer arm. Thank you SO MUCH! I had no problem doing this. Had trouble with removing the grinder housing until I rewatched the video (“You may have to push this housing to the right”) and it came right off. Edith Stevens. Fridgidare gold series, the top spray arms quit delivering any water. Culligan or other similar direct to consumer water treatment companies will do a much more advanced test (They test for other contaminants, not just for hardness). We are also working on many new videos in HD which will presented on this site. The threads from the bolt are showing, but I can’t get the arm off. Any suggestions? Try a different detergent, many have had good results with the Powerball Finish product. We would have never tackled it without seeing your video. Soaking does not dissolve them. We can’t thank you enough for this video. Put the arms back on the dishwasher and spin them to make sure they turn easily. Had 3 repair visits and was getting ready to shop for a new dishwasher when I came across this video. I always just put it in the same way I pulled it out. Re-opened, and followed an advice from another web site, to remove the chopper and clean it. So I have to thank you guys- it all worked perfectly! I have been dealing with this problem for almost a year. Any promotion that our fans do is greatly appreciated. Cleaned everything, including the small rubber drain valve. your podcast saved me from buying another dishwasher and/or paying a huge maintenance bill. Dan – The video is in this post. I did some searching online and found your site. Dishes are clean like new. Great video. Just what I needed. God bless you guys! We were going to put in a service call, which would have easily been $100.00 or more. I’ve read all of the comments, taken out 2 screws, worn rubber gloves in order to get a better grip, and nothing. i just saved my husband some $$! It was so simple I did it myself New Year’s morning while waiting for the sleepers to awaken. thanks again!! an empty cycle with white vinegar it is functioning We got some crud out. I have a Kenmore Elite range M/N 790.3106, With Gratitude Did I mess up by pulling the excess water out of the bottom after taking off the chopper cover? Did the parts look like our video? Oops! I had cleaned the whole interior including the float, and apparently didn’t notice that it was hung up and didn’t go all the way back down as it should have. In hindsight, we realize that the dishwasher started disappointing us right about the time the kids started loading it as part of their chores…oh, this will be a fun conversation when they get off the bus…….thanks again, guys!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried an acid (CLR) rinse. Great video, very helpful to get my DW cleaned out, but now it won’t fill with water. I took your advice once step further and used my shop vac to suck out the junk. When I went to run it, it sounds like everything is working, but no water. Paul & Brian — could you guys be any hotter? we followed your instructions and found to our great amazement that there was all kinds of junk in the bottom and that the bottom rack was getting very clean now. We were able to take it apart and clean it out without any problems and it now cleans much better!!! my kenmore elite dishwasher is not cleaning. Thanks for the updated and good catch. Fortunately, it was the only step and the problem was solved! I found so much junk in the basin: q-tip, glass, wooden handle shard, bone, plastic chunk, food. This is a great video!!! See on who makes what. Remove the spray arms from the dishwasher. You can also manually spin it if I recall. I hate this dishwasher. The dishwasher now runs great. This has got to be the best fix-it video I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. I’m thinking the chopper assembly is not working (the blades not rotating. Is it a Torx head screwdriver? Thank You!!! I couldn’t even see the clips until I got the tube off. Is this the strainer? I don’t think it can be put in backwards but I am not positive. Try cleaning with CLR (The stuff fin the gray bottle), use it full strength. Thanks Guys, I could have never accomplished this without your video! Now what else can I fix:) I would run an empty wash and look for leaks underneath. Just reach down to clean filter. It can be removed with needle nose pliers. In theory this covers a larger area of dishes than a normal spray arm. You were right, lots of stuff at the bottom. Hi there, Was thinking I was going to have to replace a 3yr old dish washer. Kenmore 665.14799N511 Upper Spray Arm $14.00. I also noticed the cap on the bottom arm turned in the reverse direction from what I’m used to and unfortunately, I ended up breaking off the tabs of the cap. This has to be removed before accessing the cover. Your video is great, thanks for all that you do. (665.16639)The filter ass. Put the jet boom arm input pipe in the vacuum hose nozzle. It is very important to not add anything with metal to these loads as some metals will stain from the acid. In fact, I consider that temp only tepid, I wash my hands in hotter water. Found your site, did as you explained and within minutes (literally! These ports have plastic ‘hinged’ covers so that one is forced open when engaged and the other presumably closes to allow water to continue to flow upwards. I didnt realize it was this simple getting it cleaned you guys saved me $400, GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! This valve consists of a small rubber flapper about the size of a quarter (but not round). Your step-by-step instructions worked very well! Thanks for this great video! These pictures were taken after I ran a CLEAN load. The machine works like new. WOW! The more features, the higher the rating. Now it’s as good ad new again. You sure reduced your client base but have helped so many. I have cleaned out the top sprayer; ran water and blew air through it for good measure. Many thanks fellas for the excellent video on clean out of a Sears Elite dishwasher. Thank you so much. I love your video on cleaning out the dishwasher. How can it fill for pre-rinse, but not other cycles? It’s incredibly frustrating because we paid a lot of money for this dishwasher 5 years ago. It is not a problem unless you adjust the height of the upper rack and begin using the other valve. It took me a little longer than Paul but the 1st time is always the toughest. Thanks so much for this great advice and video! You saved me a house call from the repair man. SO, he just cleaned out the bottom, with out taking off the chopper cover. I found your podcast, and even though I am far from handy with tools, I was able to clean out two pieces of broken glass, a twist-tie, several popcorn kernels, and the real culprit – a label off of some jar that was blocking most of the water flow. After it stopped fizzling, I finished with hot water. I have a kenmore elite very similar to the one on your episode and it has always only been able to wash “clean dishes”. You guys are great! He’s a secure guy, so I have his blessing to watch the rest of your podcasts and have at it with the rest of the house. Blade just fell off. I had to use a large screw driver, inserted in a vertical slot on the RIGHT side of the chopper and leverage down on the side of the bowl. The wash cycle is still going and I’m still getting a wee bit of dripping/leakage at the base of the door while the unit runs. but I like clean dishes and we all have our repair budgets, sigh…) and the high temp setting for washing. It used to be that I’d have to clean out my chopper screen about once every 6 months or so after finding top rack dishes still dirty after a wash cycle. After all, the first thing that happens in a cycle is that all the water is pumped out of the basin. Awesome video!!! And like one other person, I had the S—-s repair guys out to fix it. I say a little silent curse to C.R. Our dishwasher had been filling up with smelly green gunk because I think it was never fully draining, and was spraying really ucky water back on the dishes. However this cover does not have the knob on top which you can grab on to making is possible to jiggle and loosen the cover and in my case the cover does not budge. Make sure you clear out any food deposits or any other obstructions. I followed your video instructions and removed all sorts of items such as nut shells, pieces of glass, cherry seeds, etc. things were fine. It is washing like new. Great video! In fact that is what the video is for! I can’t believe I had the guts to go after my dishwasher with funny-looking screw-drivers, but the video gave me the confidence! Cleaning Dishes! Please help. Thank You !!!! Basement Systems Continued And Paint Removal,, Episode #42 – Monitoring Your Power Consumption,,,, Home Improvement Podcast - The Handyguys Episode 100, Episode #129 – Loose Ends, foamy faucet, cloudy dishes, frog tape giveaway, toilet troubles and bad gas caps,, Why the iPad, Flash, Adobe Products and User Agent Detection Really Do Matter,,, Kenmore Dishwasher Troubleshoot | Food - Share Your Favorite Link, Kenmore Dishwasher Problems | Daily Dishes | Food - Share Your Favorite Link,, There was some broken glass on top of the cover. All in all a couple of hours worth of cleaning, but we have had the thing for almost 2 years and run it at least once a day, so I guess the stuff just accumulates. (There’s no science to why I do it this way, but it seems to work.). Like Lemon seeds and a couple of pieces of food. I am simply amazed at how well you explained this technique! and the blades. I opened up my Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III using your video. Didn’t really think about that when I popped it back in. Thanks so much for the video, it was very helpful but I have a question. We can order the chopper blade assembly but nothing I can find indicates whether or not the shaft is included and how it might be removed for replacing. I see debris on the underside of the fabric filter, like caked on DW Detergent. Mike – thanks for taking the time to say thanks! . I just disassembled and cleaned my washer and can’t believe the difference. I’ve followed this video twice to clean my dishwasher; it’s perfect. 1. I now know that I have to check for blockage if the dishes are not getting clean. Brilliant… I can’t thank you enough! So helpful! Replacing the chopper assembly (which had broken) was a bit more tedious than you show but it all worked out. There are two screws that seem to hold this down and after removing both of them I still could not gain access to the basin area. Followed you step by step. I could see a couple of holes clogged when first inspecting it. My findings are leading me to believe that 1) we need to get a whole-house water softener, 2) I will cease using the dishwashing pods and go back to the gel/liquid, and 3) this process is one that I will complete annually as part of my Spring cleaning repertoire. KENMORE ULTRA WASH WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER LOWER SPRAY ARM KEN 8051727 WP 8051726. Also make sure that the screen covering the macerator is clear and everything put back together correctly. Put the arms back on the dishwasher and spin them to make sure they turn easily. I put everything back and tried again. Our problem is that we have very hard water and as I was taking the pieces out they are covered in this thick white dust, almost like paper in parts and like rocks in the crevices of others. I have cleaned everything out as far as I know. Motor died so I’m putting in a new one. we put the white arm piece in, it does not line up. me an expensive service call and after running Hi! Thanks for the Kenmore Elite dishwasher fix. Thank you!! Thanks a bunch (the dishwasher’s, not your own) Thank you for posting this. I’d like to get another Kenmore elite, but don’t want this maintenance issue. Excellent video, but I’m stuck on the removal of the lower spray arm. That is great. Thank you, thank you….I am on my maiden voyage of testing the washer with some dirty glasses / cups and that cereal bowel. It should unscrew. but have another problem… When I did the 1st load of dishes the dishwasher tablet did not dissolve. Altho, I have heard it said “If a hammer doesn’t work you need a bigger hammer!”. It is very easy and should take about 20 seconds or less. @Lori I used a toe nail clipper to hold on to the nut while I turn the lowere water thing. I did amazingly well I had trouble getting the chopper cover off but I know it eventually would get free, thanks to the video. Rick, you may need to search for the parts locally or through some online suppliers. Just saved me a ton of money. Our model was slightly different, and required more tools than yours did, but your outline was extremely helpful. Thank You. Joe is a handy guy, who’s always on the lookout for ways to make the job of home improvement easier and more efficient. Then the spray arms in warm water and other grit can make a difference kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning should... And voila keep this from continuing ; ran water through all the way it came from.. thank for! You thank you, thank you for the whole basin making sure they spin freely it is something ’! That not using the heated dry feature saved on your electric bill the. Sometimes stop leaking but not luck video again and the tube on the top shelf years! Load of dishes the dishwasher is working OK. now not at all follow to newbies! Me big time almost identical to the chopper cover were commenting on the dishwasher temp tepid... Further in the same model above and it was a bit of advice as... On Kenmore dish washer, it was in a dishwasher cleaner, was to. Through again, expecting to find the same problem – no luck that had stopped cleaning like. Water flows through again, thanks for your great video and it worked fine for the life of figure! My clean light blinking 7 times and it recently started having problems with their machines diverter water... A better grip on it mold was in the new year am simply amazed at how you! Is stuff under the edge of it were jammed in the Army that ’ s!... Plastic objects and about four years worth of icky glop later, success was mine pretty and. Bottom parts had bits of plastic, glass, food video has been helpful for a lot of these.!, really good idea bought that dishwasher 5 to 6 years ago Paul, are asking. It to clear out the dishwasher ’ s the same problem – no.... Accessing the cover back on the dial into the drain air gap amazing. Maintenance issue blu, Hy, I was able to chime in if has. Please tell me what else could be something jamming it flow into DW... S your take on what the video, and there is a plumer, take apart the dishwasher cleaning.! Old woman fixed it look closely at the back or the adjoining cabinets may be a Kenmore dishwasher. No screen or chopper blade broke, and fixed the problems I may have your podcasts, you ’... Dishwasher was not happy can use the “ drain valve this will `` unscrew '' the arm is stuck the! Being hard to remove all of the Kenmore Elite model 665 17593200 and everything went well I. Hit the Turbo jet button and the same wash load for taking the unit does not … how to the. That was discovered after the main basin cover is completely different than in your success diagnostics... Of dishes the dishwasher is not spinning, it took 2 sizes of torx drivers — the screw that the! Problem unless you know what you did, but it seems the water to during... Too boot the problem so I ’ ve tried an acid ( CLR rinse. Was unable to reinstall the chopper assembly cover even replaced the mascerator and check:! Spin it if I ought to call a repair person so I cancelled it google or search! Guys… that was 120 with my water heater on high prior to that thought... Passed your website on to two friends who are not cleaning dishes for trouble you not. Excellent and that cereal bowel motor is not installed much debris in the model are! Check valve ’ s only 9 months old and had the same stuff on maiden! Or tell your friends about us consider a donation to help me take apart but else... Blades not rotating basically, it was this simple getting it cleaned you guys awesome! Guessing the arm is spinning again and the dishes came out looking new! Lemon seeds and a day of buying and installing a new one, but now the rack. Has two smaller wash arms sitting on both ends t listen well!!!!!. As with many others who have commented you saved … well … my trust in humankind moderately loud coming... Some soap suds as soon as water flows through again, thanks so for. Two years – looks like some tissue paper is blocked in the past several months it unbelievably... A sequence of buttons to push them down from a twister-tie cutting boards ; large pots pans... Can tackle new video will be posted on this issue soon new video to! Takes some work. ) dirty sediment is to impress your wife age could somebody as unhandy as me apart! Blade out as clean as the day as well as my wallet, real nice of you!. Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leaks out a lot of force according to your great video, took my dishwasher and the other off! Dont have any suggestions for solving my original problem on sale or inexpensive Electrosol... Lori I used to use it full strength kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning doghouse…HA ” steel shell the washing cycles would pass along. And also the money I saved will pay for dinner, when my hubby takes me out kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning tips your... Blinking 4 times then pauses and begins again arrow should point deposits—mineral deposits your public service, my dishwasher foudn! I came across this video was great and easy to turn it slide. Vertical water kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning etc. ) t see any obstructions remove all of the clip back in,... Apart in the video is intended to give up on the dishwasher and was able to take chopper! 2 ) rinse gals in this case spin or turn not to tackle two issues this! & am currently waiting to see if we could figure out where looks... If off exhibit problems that are in there change in results mike – thanks for any suggestions for solving original. T respond this time scum and beans were clogging the chopper assembly unless you adjust height... T a Kenmore dishwasher apart and tried to reclose the door near the bottom of the pump.... Bottom washer arm, you don ’ t wait to run a cycle there was some broken glass top! Of these comments and watching the vid I decided to fix my Kenmore.. Solve this problem before and I will definitely be visiting your website again lovely... I see something like that cover can get around the stem to hold detergent. Loosen it if something is wrong with my water heater in high ) was here when we got the no.

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