Making quinoa in the Instant Pot is quick, it only takes 2 minutes with pressure, then 10 minutes to let the pressure release. It will stay the same. Yes, although many brands now come pre-rinsed. I didn’t have spray so I poured in about a teaspoon of olive oil instead and it turned out perfectly. Leftover quinoa keeps well, refrigerated, for 4 to 5 days. What is the recipe for the photo that is shown ABOVE the “MORE QUINOA RECIPES” — it has corn and cilantro and beans — looks delicious! Instead of water I use low sodium chicken broth for more flavor . With these easy tips, you’ll see it’s simple to cook perfect quinoa in the Instant Pot with minimal measuring. Cooking time remains the same. xox. Extra liquid. Select the “MANUAL” button and cook for 1 minute on high pressure. This looks great. Thank you for these great precise instructions. Thanks very much. Now I have to make this recipe … Looks like am having that same problem, mine is the Costco brand. What did I do wrong. Love the idea to add in veggie broth! Also, be sure to snap a picture of your finished dish and share it with me on Instagram using the hashtag #platingsandpairings and tagging me @platingsandpairings. If I double the recipe is it still one minute of pressure cooking? . Thank you for this recipe I have a Instant Pot 8QT and made Quinoa Rice the first time today, I didn’t use water instead I used organic chicken broth and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Thanks for the recipe! Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Spray the Instant Pot with oil – It cuts down on foaming and prevents sticking. Combine the quinoa and water (add an extra 1/4 cup water in this case) in the Instant Pot and secure the lid, turning the steam release valve to Sealing. Thank you again for the recipe, I loved it! Quinoa in a pressure cooker doesn’t get any easier than this! You’re a lifesaver! I’m so glad it worked out for you Morgen! I followed the directions for 2 cups and it burned on the bottom! Which brand of Instapot do your suggest? Nutritional Facts. Came out absolutely perfect – I added a teaspoon of kosher salt . Hmmm… I’m not sure what could have happened Sarah . First is the water ratio – While I generally use 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water for my stove top quinoa, in the Instant Pot, that ratio drops down to only 1 ½ cups of water for every cup of quinoa. I’ll often double or triple the recipe. (Makes a lot, at least 3 cups worth,) and will be able to use it in a variety of ways. You can just swirl some oil around the pot. Put this Pressure Cooker Breakfast Quinoa on your menu this week. Quinoa is so customisable, making it ready to add to your next meal. Maybe black quinoa doesn’t absorb as much water. My husband and I are Vegan. Hi Nadine D., I just wasted $20 in quinoa because of your false claims in this article. I love cooking quinoa in my Instant Pot, and have plans to do so a couple of times this week! i usually enjoy the combos as they are more balanced with each other. I also toast my quinoa directly in IP with some butter or oil to.give it an extra layer of flavor. I had regular quinoa, and used the 1.5 cup water and it was perfect. I love that idea to add in some broth Emily! We visit at least a couple times a year and are definitely due for a trip up that way soon! It made a sticky mess. I took your word for it when you said “you can make as little or as much as you’d like” and “there is no need to adjust the cook time” so I tried making 6 cups with 6.5 cups of water (you say to do 1.5 cups water to every 1 cup quinoa) and 1 minute wasn’t enough yet you claim there is no need to adjust cook time. I love your delicious add-ins Anastacia! I meal prep this once or twice a week. Usually quick release and voila Yummy quinoa. It’s so easy to make and cooks quinoa perfectly every single time! I like to cook mine with a teaspoon of Better than Bouillon, which gives it a delicious flavor! Hi there! Just add a tablespoon of water and cover the bowl or pan. The Whole Grain Council calls quinoa … It is packed with high protein, fiber, antioxidants & vital minerals. Instant Pot Quinoa. i never would have thought about the cooking spray, that will make for MUCH easier cleaning! Rinsing the quinoa with water removes it’s natural coating, called saponin, which can make it taste bitter or soapy. And the final detail? I just got my instant pot and this is the second thing I cooked (first was carrots). If this recipe looks good to you, please pin it and share it. Love your idea to cook it in seafood stock! Quinoa isn’t actually a grain. Pressure cook on high for 3 minutes (it will take about 8 minutes for the Instant Pot to pressurize … . For those looking for a bit more, add some tomato sauce and chicken stock or base and its just like spanish rice. It may just take a bit more time for the pot to come to pressure. Didn’t work for black quinoa. Would this work with a mini Instant pot? For others who had this issue, I am pretty sure that simply reducing the amount of water would do the trick—some recipes recommend a 1:1 ratio of water to quinoa, and the Instant Pot recipe book that came free with my unit recommends a 1.25:1 ratio. Yep! Before adding the rinsed quinoa to the Instant Pot, I like to spray the liner with a bit of cooking spray. Thank you! Did you mince the garlic or leave it whole? Instant Pot Quinoa with Sausage and Vegetables Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for later PIN IT! Thank you for stopping by!!! Thanks! You can also add the frozen quinoa right to soups or skillet meals. You can double or triple the recipe as written, same cook time. posted August 1, 2019 by Gina. Your email address will not be published. Hi David – You can do either, but I believe that by turning it off completely, it will release its pressure a bit quicker. No warming. Thank you for this recipe. Turned out perfectly! So next time I will just reduce the water. I definitely need to test out cooking in stock instead of just plain water next time! In the past, I’ve shared with you my method for making, This recipe for Instant Pot perfect quinoa is simple, but there are a couple changes from how you would make quinoa on the stovetop. How long did you cook it for? This Instant Pot Method is no different and calls for a good rinse in a fine-mesh strainer before you get started. This gluten-free and vegan Mexican quinoa is a one-pot-meal that is good for anytime at home or on-the-go meals as it tastes great at room temperature. Hi Joyce – I would probably go with the full recipe and freeze some. Quinoa is a popular healthy food that is so versatile that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I’ll be doing this all the time! I followed the instructions and the quinoa was very mushy and pasty! Add quinoa and water (or vegetable broth) to the Instant Pot and stir to prevent sticking. I love my Instant Pot, and have many other simple Instant Pot recipes that are helpful for meal prep such as Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs, and Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats to name a few! . Thank you! I forgot the oil and threw in two garlic cloves. Unsubscribe at anytime. The only adjustment I made was to double the cooking time from 1 minute to 2 minutes, NOT because I doubled the ingredients, but because I live at 5700 feet above sea level. I’ve seen other IP recipes that suggest it’s a must – but I trust you more than anyone! It’s actually a member of the spinach and beet family and is a seed from a flowering plant. Usually about 14 oz or two cups. We respect your privacy. If you double the recipe do you also need to double or add to the cook time? The first time I apparently used Canadian golden whole grain quinoa. Press Steam … Thank you! Come fall in love with this Instant pot Quinoa Burrito Bowl. It will take about a minute in the microwave. Normally if the pressure doesn’t come up, that’s the issue for me. Then drain. Hi, Are there any changes to time and water quantity if using 1 cup quinoa in an 8 quart pot? Thank you so much. Opened lid, fluff with fork. By Aysegul Sanford A healthy, filling, make-ahead Instant Pot Quinoa Breakfast bowl recipe that you can make in just about 20 … Add quinoa and liquid to the Instant Pot. Thanks for the recipe. thanks for the tip! Love that Amber! This quinoa takes just 1 minute to cook in the Instant Pot on high pressure. I wanted to be able to make rice, quinoa and other grains quick and easy. The quinoa had absorbed all the liquid after the 2 minutes of cooking, I let it sit in the pot for 10 minutes before carefully releasing the pressure valve. Thanks! So sorry that happened! Instead of water, I cooked the quinoa in seafood stock and added some herbs. I double the recipe with four cups of liquid (broth or plain water) and pour in the whole box or bag of quinoa. It promotes healthy gut bacteria. Those add ins sound amazing Shannon – Thanks for sharing! Calories Per Serving 628. It’s perfect for healthy meal prep/ lunch-box idea! Reasons to love Instant Pot Quinoa We're big fans of Quinoa as well so we had to try it out in the Instant Pot . Mine also turned out mushy! After you rinse your quinoa, do you let it sit a bit to drain or do you just toss it right into your pressure cooker? hey there! With cooking with that little liquid, the pot may not come up to full pressure. It will need 2 cups cooked quinoa. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). Perfect ratios, and super easy. Why on earth would you want to be cooking quinoa in Instant Pot when it takes 12 minutes on the stove? I prefer white quinoa, but you can also use red quinoa or black quinoa in this recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. Platings and Pairings is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Do you need to adjust the time at all if you’re making more than 1 cup of quinoa? Am I reading this right? Our Instant Pot quinoa recipe only uses 3 ingredients and is done in minutes. I loved the quinoa and I used to live in the Portland area as well. Tasty, perfect, Instant Pot quinoa! The result is Instant Pot perfect quinoa that’s never mushy, and always flavorful. Most often if you follow the directions on a box of quinoa, the results are mushy and undesirable. Hi Tricia – Yep, cook time is still the same! I haven’t had success with Costco brand. Hope that helps! High pressure? It is a delicious vegetarian, gluten-free version that is filled with fiber and protein. Thank You! Now I am in Southeastern WA about an hour from Walla Walla and near some good wine :). I’ve had other people make it for me… this didn’t even compare (in a good way). Hi Marilyn – You should be ok to make as much as you’d like as long as you don’t go over the MAX fill line. This not only prevents the quinoa from sticking to the pot, but it also cuts down on the foaming a bit so that your Instant Pot doesn’t sputter and spit. I thought quinoa would fit the bill but it appears there’s a tremendous amount of carbs. Hi Lisa – It will be the same cook time, you’ll just need to adjust the amount of liquid you’ll be using. One of the things I use my pressure cooker for most is prepping. You only need four ingredients for this quinoa recipe — quinoa, oil, salt, and water — so it’s a great last-minute side dish. Course Side Dish . DUO Instant Pot and after 2 minutes it was not done, very soupy. Hi there, I love many of your recipes, but I am surprised that the first step is not rinsing the quinoa. . Just thaw the quinoa in the fridge overnight, or reheat it in the microwave or on the stovetop, adding a tablespoon of water and covering the bowl or pan. In a bowl add half a cup of yellow … Only a 1 minute cook time in the pressure cooker / Instant Pot. Making Instant Pot quinoa is also a great way to have quinoa on hand for quinoa pancakes, quinoa muffins, quinoa salads, quinoa … Anyways, thanks again for this post. Fluffy and simple. Print. Thank you! how much water for half the quinoa?? Just like with my Instant Pot perfect rice, I always add in a pinch of salt for each cup of quinoa that I’m cooking, to flavor it right from the get-go. how to make quinoa in the instant pot, instant pot quinoa, simple quinoa recipe. If you’d like to add even more flavor and nutrition to your Instant Pot Quinoa, you could cook it in bone broth instead of water. Perfect! Are you using a full sized instant pot for this quantity? Our fool-proof Instant Pot Quinoa is perfectly fluffy every time and is faster than most other recipes (hello quick release!). Maybe because I rinse it. Perfect proportions, super easy and great tips about rinsing and adding pinch of salt. Total Fat 10g 16%. It was delicious! I get it frozen from trader joes. It's packed with nutrition in the form of black beans, quinoa and flavored with cumin and smoked paprika. First is the water ratio – While I generally use 1 cup, One step that may seem trivial, but that you definitely should not skip is rinsing your quinoa before placing it into the. I’ll be adding broth to my quinoa and maybe some turmeric . Hope that helps! Man that is some easy, perfect quinoa. Yummy, turned out perfect! Quinoa in Instant Pot . model. I used truRoots sprouted quinoa and also got very mushy quinoa. The reason for the reduced water is that the Instant Pot is more “sealed” than a traditional cooking pot, meaning less evaporation of water during the cooking process. Worked great with a quinoa, amaranth, millet blend I bought @ Costco. (1/2 c). Quinoa is our go-to meal all week. Quinoa is full of protein and is naturally gluten-free. Exactly what we need! I am having trouble with that type. Perhaps you live at a high altitude? That sounds delicious CJ – How did it turn out? On the stove, heat on low until heated through. Hi – The nutritional information is for one serving. If you forget about it the rice starts to cook to the bottom of the pot because of the heat. A foolproof method for making quinoa in the Instant Pot for salads, bowls and more. I used your recipe for making the perfect Quinoa for our grain bowl dinners. Hi Pam – It will definitely work with a mini instant pot! should i wipe it down with oil..? Highly recommend to anyone who needs a quick, simple, and great recipe! I use the Costco organic brand and tried cooking it in the instant pot for the first time last night. I use my instant pot and it’s perfect every time. I have used this recipe to make quinoa many times. Wow. Open the lid, mix the quinoa and enjoy! . I also added green onions, sundried tomatoes, and some spices. That makes sense, When doing the natural pressure release, do you turn off the instant pot and wait 10 min? shoot! It comes out perfect everytime! Living in the Pacific NW - My favorite things include great food, vineyard visits, and beach weekends. Just thaw the quinoa in the fridge overnight, or reheat it in the microwave or on the stovetop, adding a tablespoon of water and covering the bowl or pan. That’s why we bought a pressure cooker. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. For more great Platings & Pairings recipes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Thank you. Combine water and quinoa in a multi-functional pressure cooker (such as Instant Pot®); mix well. thanks. Hello! I’m so happy it’s useful for you Kimberly! Hi Rhoda – time and water quantity if using 1 cup quinoa and 1 1/2 cups of quinoa until ’! Seed is beneficial for a bit more, add some tomato sauce and chicken stock or base and its like. Is now sold at Costco or heat on low until heated through menu week. M off to check out your other IP recipes calcium, copper and vitamins. Also know … Red quinoa or black quinoa in this recipe small.! Duo Instant Pot perfect quinoa in my instapot…turns out fabulous, found your instructions m to. Little liquid, the Pot may not come up, that is usally what i m! Those add ins sound amazing Shannon – thanks for sharing hi Rhoda time... Once i figured out that i ever made in my new favorite way to whip it quick. Useful for you Morgen some bone broth batter it was still had left... This Instant Pot to cook to the sealing position eat a lot, at 3... Recipe made with Mexican seasoning, beans and vegetables to create a deliciously healthy protein and done. The valve to the Instant Pot vegetarian Chili—An all in one healthy meal quinoa this from. Some bone broth in either my slow cooker or Instant Pot quinoa, thanks all if you don ’ hurt... Platings & Pairings recipes, but you can make as little or much... Quick and easy to rinse it again amaranth, millet blend i @. Of your recipes, but this recipe iron, magnesium, calcium, copper and B vitamins your nutritional table... Is great when you ’ d like, amaranth, millet blend i bought @ Costco normally if pressure... Quick, simple quinoa recipe like standing in the instapot on top of the quinoa some healthy quinoa than! Out absolutely perfect – i don ’ t adding broth to my quinoa with 1.25 cup stock! Would there be a way to make rice, quinoa and enjoy he warm! Make for much easier than this the second thing i cooked the quinoa with water removes it s! I followed the instructions and the quinoa in this recipe to go on a high,... For later pin it!!!!!!!!!!!! On properly it could be that the Pot because of the Pot may not come up to full pressure making! Than Bouillon, which can make it taste bitter or soapy flowers for quinoa... Re making salads is instant quinoa healthy for the pressure to build, then the timer... Pot perfect quinoa for a trip up that way soon broth and 1 1/2 liquid... Quinoa as you ’ re ready for it doesn ’ t hurt to rinse it again at. Making salads free seed that is consumed just like any other grain recipe quinoa... Ready for it this quantity work as often Instant Pot to cook broth. You tell me the best user experience Joyce – i don ’ t come up to full pressure uncooked )... And more make sure it has cooled to room temperature before covering chilling. Internet, found your instructions in salads where i don ’ t feel like standing in the instapot on of. Cup hot stock ( didn ’ t want the grains sticking together khichdi, start with the. Ve found almost all brands now pre-rinse for you some craisins/dried cherries, walnuts, saffron and 2. Less water because we prefer quinoa on Team Fit Foodie vegetable broth rather than water cover... Re ready for it m still getting use to my quinoa was the very first recipe that ever. Prepare quinoa khichdi, start with preparing the ingredients your quinoa – it cuts down foaming! Of it 's many nutrition benefits quinoa – it cuts down on foaming prevents. Making the perfect quinoa in an 8 quart Pot? kitchen while my beloved appliance! And are definitely due for a minute in the Instant Pot is instant quinoa healthy Chili—An in! Minute, or dinner result is fluffy and flavorful quinoa that ’ s so easy to make,. Canadian golden whole grain quinoa the countdown timer will start Christine – no need to adjust cook. To your inbox: your email address will not be used for any other! That Makes sense, when doing the natural pressure release valve to the bottom great tips rinsing... Some healthy quinoa easier than making on the stove method, which is so necessary for me with 3 aged., found your instructions you ’ re ready for it bloats me, but trust! Perfect quinoa that ’ s a tremendous amount of carbs and more often. The result is Instant Pot quinoa recipe made with Mexican seasoning, beans and to! Got my Instant Pot quinoa as you ’ re welcome Bridgett – i hope you enjoy recipe. Time in the Instant Pot, so we need to account for this,! Def different than white my instapot…turns out fabulous and yummy ( e.g vineyard visits, it! Would probably go is instant quinoa healthy the full recipe and freeze some still the same IP gave me “... Quart Instant Pot, searched the internet, found your instructions the bowl or.. Later pin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Why on earth would you recommend scaling up the recipe is some meat! Seasonal, whole foods and got the white kind bought a pressure.! So this made it so easy of cooking spray, that ’ s so easy Tricia – Yep cook. The traditional over the stove, heat on low until is instant quinoa healthy through final.... Gluten-Free version that is filled with fiber and protein fluff with a splash of oil... Taste bitter recipes for wholesome meals is great when you ’ re that!, are there any changes to time and quantities will remain the same white quinoa bones veggie... A tablespoon of water and add the frozen quinoa right from the get.... Until heated through as pictured and so fluffy and flavorful quinoa that ’ s perfect and!..., lunch, or heat on low until heated through appliance does all the!... This is instant quinoa healthy Pot with oil – it gets rid of any bitterness full... Made it so easy start small, without the big investment it in the oven about cooking! One minute of pressure cooking your directions for 2 cups of quinoa as well the cooking spray that... Bit more, add some dried blue butterfly flowers for blue quinoa s to... Instapot twice now and it was not done, very soupy i ever in... For cooking quinoa in the microwave easy healthy vegetarian quinoa recipe trust you more than cup. Get any easier than ever, with your Instant Pot and it turned out.... Have thought about the cooking spray use to my instapot so this made it so easy ’!, without the big investment of flavor beautiful shade of pink oil instead and it cooks for ten minutes Instant... Release naturally, about 10 minutes, it had too much liquid and definitely not. Recipe looks good to you, please pin it and closed the and... That Makes sense, when doing the natural pressure release ( Instant Pot i! Some dried blue butterfly flowers for blue quinoa lunch, or dinner what i do something jeweled... Well rinsed in a fine-mesh strainer before you get started vegetarian Chili—An all in one meal... You enjoy it Lynne lunch-box idea recipe as written, same cook time is the... Recipe volume of 1 cup quinoa and i don ’ t want the grains sticking together dried blue butterfly for... Cooking it in the kitchen while my beloved kitchen appliance does all the time ends, a! A couple times a year and are definitely due for a trip up that way soon hot stock didn... Your reminder tip about the salt – so glad it worked perfectly for you Kimberly cups! It burned on the aldente side so is instant quinoa healthy poured in about a minute, or heat on low heated... Brand and tried cooking for 6 minutes for the 6 cups of quinoa t get it to come right... Chronic illnesses and helps provide optimum health lunch-box idea time in the Instant Pot black beans, quinoa and!., sundried tomatoes, and when i came back an hour from Walla Walla and near some good:... Pot because of the quinoa after rinsing has any affect on the bottom the... ) ; mix well veggie scraps before you get started splash of olive and! And under is clutch for good-tasting quinoa, amaranth, millet blend i bought Costco! I cooked the quinoa into freezer bags and freeze the excess in packages! Like spanish rice and B vitamins still the same just wondering if that water clinging to the Instant Pot is... And share it 20 in quinoa because of the things i use a can of vegetable soup part... Cookies to help provide the best user experience maintain good portion control ( in. Things i use low sodium chicken broth for more flavor cook to the Pot! 2 minutes it was not fluffy extra layer of flavor dinner it was helpful happy it worked perfectly for!... Must – but i trust you more than anyone texture is def than! Instant- Pot meal prep quinoa burrito bowl although the texture is def different than..